Best Doctoral Consortium Paper

The Best Doctoral Consortium Paper award of Jurix 2016 has been given to Matthias Van Der Haegen, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium, for his paper Citation study of the Belgian Court of Cassation

Runner up: Arianna Rossi,  LAST-JD PhD Erasmus Mundus Programme, University of Bologna, for her paper Representing Privacy: A Pictorial Approach

The Best Doctoral Consortium Paper of JURIX 2016 is sponsored byLegalXML

How to reach the Welcome Reception

The welcome reception will be at the Hotel Royal in Antibes. From the Inria site, you can take the bus n. 1 or n. 12 and stop at “pôle d’échange d’Antibes”, near the train station. From there, either walk 1.5 km or take the footbridge towards the train station and take the bus n. 14 from the entrance of the train station to the stop “Maizière”, 80 meters from the hotel.