Conference Program

Wednesday 14 December - Bâtiment Kahn
11:00–11:30Coffee Break
15:30–16:00Coffee Break
16:00–18:30Doctoral Consortium
19:30Welcome reception at Royal Hôtel Antibes
Thursday 15 December - Bâtiment Kahn (Amphi)
8:45–9:00Welcome and Opening
Floris Bex and Serena Villata
9:00–9:30Statement Types in Legal Argument (L)
Latifa Al-Abdulkarim, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-Capon
Cases & Arguments
9:30–10:00Arguments for Ethical Systems Design (L)
Bart Verheij  
10:00–10:20ANGELIC Secrets: Bridging from Factors to Facts in US Trade Secrets (S)
Latifa Al-Abdulkarim, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-Capon
10:20–10:40On top of topics: leveraging topic modeling to study the dynamic case-law of international courts (S)
Yannis Panagis, Martin Christensen and Urska Sadl
Topic Modelling
10:40–11:00Making a Cold Start in Legal Recommendation: an Experiment (S)
Alexander Boer and Radboud Winkels
11:00–11:30Coffee Break
11:30–12:00Document Ranking with Citation Information and Oversampling Sentence Classification in the LUIMA Framework (L)
Apoorva Bansal, Zheyuan Bu, Biswajeet Mishra, Silun Wang, Kevin Ashley and Matthias Grabmair 
Legal Search
12:00–12:30Extending Full Text Search for Legal Document Collections using Word Embeddings (L)
Jorg Landthaler, Bernhard Waltl, Patrick Holl and Florian Matthes
12:30–13:00Identification of Case Content with Quantitative Network Analysis: an Example from the EctHR (L)
Martin Lolle Christensen, Henrik Palmer Olsen and Fabien Tarissan
14:00–15:00Invited Talk – Norman Fenton (Queen Mary University London)
Innocent until proven guilty: a fair approach to agreed prior probabilities
Bayesian Reasoning
15:00–15:30Explaining Bayesian Belief Revision for Legal Applications (L)
Jeroen Keppens
15:30–16:00Coffee Break
16:00 - 16:10 Representing Privacy: A Pictorial Approach
Arianna Rossi
Blockchain in Public Administration
Oleksii Konashevych
Doctoral Consortium Pitches
16:10–16:40Towards Data-Driven Style Checking: An Example for Law Texts (L)
Kyoko Sugisaki
Legal Text Processing
16:40–17:00Automatic Assignment of Section Structure to Texts of Dutch Court Judgments (S)
Maarten Trompper and Radboud Winkels
17:00–17:20A Text Similarity Approach for Automated Transposition Detection of European Union Directives (S)
Rohan Nanda, Luigi Di Caro and Guido Boella
17:20–17:40Can Robots Write Treaties? Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Draft International Investment Agreements (S)
Wolfgang Alschner and Dmitriy Skougarevskiy
17:40–17:50Poster Introductions
17:50–18:50Neural Reasoning For Legal Text Understanding
Kolawole John Adebayo, Guido Boella and Luigi Di Caro
Poster Session
Digital forensics in the European Union: theoretical background, current issues, future perspectives
Federico Costantini
Perspectives on the Formal Representation of the Interpretation of Norms
Robert van Doesburg and Tom van Engers
Automatic identification, extraction and application of textual amendments in Greek legislative texts
John Garofalakis, Konstantinos Plessas and Athanasios Plessas
Computer Assisted Legal Linguistics
Hanjo Hamann, Friedemann Vogel and Isabelle Gauer
Structural Analysis of Legislation Networks
Neda Sakhaee, Mark Wilson and Golbon Zakeri
Building a Corpus of Multi-lingual and Multi-format International Investment Agreements
Kyoko Sugisaki, Martin Volk, Rodrigo Polanco, Wolfgang Alschner and Dmitriy Skougarevskiy
Describing Legal Policies as Story Tropes in Normative Systems
Matt Thompson, Julian Padget and Ken Satoh
Differentiation and Empirical Analysis of Reference Types in Legal Documents
Bernhard Waltl, Jorg Landthaler and Florian Matthes
19:00Bus leaves from Inria
19:30-22:00Social dinner at La Bastide Saint-Antoine (Grasse)
22:00Bus leaves from Grasse to Antibes
Friday 16 December - Bâtiment Kahn (Amphi)
9:00–9:30Legal Interpretation across Legal Systems (L)
Alessandra Malerba, Antonino Rotolo and Guido Governatori
Reasoning with norms
9:30–10:00Interpreting Agents (L)
Michał Araszkiewicz and Tomasz Żurek
10:00–10:30When and How to Violate Norms (L)
Trevor Bench-Capon and Sanjay Modgil
10:30–11:00Reasoning about Incomplete Contracts (L)
Shaun Azzopardi, Albert Gatt and Gordon Pace
11:00–11:30Coffee Break
11:30–12:30Invited Talk – Jan Broersen (Utrecht University)
Formal semantics for backwards looking responsibility: who downed MH17?
Liability and responsibility
12:30–12:50Practical and Accurate Insider Trading Liability Calculation (S)
Andrew Chin
12:50–13:00Identifying Actual Causation in Law: an Exploratory Study
Ruta Liepina
Citation study of the Belgian Court of Cassation
Matthias Van Der Haegen
Doctoral Consortium Pitches
14:00–14:20Towards a Methodology for Formalizing Legal Texts in LegalRuleML (S)
Adeline Nazarenko, Francois Levy and Adam Wyner
Legal Knowledge Representation
14:20–14:40On Legal Validity (S)
Michał Araszkiewicz and Pompeu Casanovas
14:40–15:00Towards a Global Importance Indicator for Court Decisions (S)
Marc van Opijnen
15:00–15:15Closing remarks
Floris Bex and Serena Villata